How to get the attention of important people

This video helps break down the common misconception that important and/or successful people are untouchable and can’t be reached. We provide you with a framework for successfully getting an important person to follow up with you.

10 things you can say to build rapport when meeting new people

In response to our last video about building rapport ( we wanted to give 10 real world examples of what you can say when meeting new people in a professional setting.

The quickest way to build rapport when meeting new people

Learn how you can become comfortable with opening conversations with any stranger in both business and personal settings.

How to get your work noticed as an introvert

In this workplace communication video we discuss how to get your work noticed in a way that can help progress your career.

Finding your first job as a programmer

Finding Your First Programming Job from   This guide serves to help anyone who is just breaking into software engineering or web development in finding the best job opportunities out there for them. In this presentation we walk through … Read More

How to tell your boss that they’re wrong

This video provides tips for approaching your boss or a colleague when you think that they’re wrong, with the goal of changing their opinion without damaging the relationship.

How to get business and technical teams to get along

In this conversation we discuss some macro-level changes organizations can make to improve relationships between cross-functional teams. We present the primary cause of friction amongst team, and some actionable suggestions to create more alignment and ultimately productivity.

My Reddit AMA

I recently decided to do a reddit AMA to talk about entrepreneurship and anything related to startups. My fellow Redditors asked some great question about fundraising, product management, website building, and more. So, I thought I’d share the discussion on … Read More

Video Role Play: How to tell your boss that you’re quitting