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Get motivated by hearing real world stories of on the job experiences that relate directly to the issues that you and your peers face every day

Group Learning

Your colleagues can be a critical asset to your own self learning. Accumulate a wealth of information from their personal experiences and gain awareness by learning how other people think in difficult environments

Immediate Reinforcement

Apply new skills through role playing and other immersive activities designed to help you step outside of your comfort zone

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Vadim Revzin

Founder, Lead Instructor

Vadim is a Sr. Product Director at ad tech startup Dashbid, after running his own startup and communications consultancy in New York City. Prior to being a startup founder, he was VP of Platform and lead product manager at Waywire where he helped develop video web properties for several major publishers reaching millions of visitors, including Time Out Magazine, NYMag, BBC, AARP, and more.

Vadim has also been involved with several high growth tech startups in the SMB marketing space, including Privy and Yodle, and is an alumni of one of the largest startup accelerators in the world, MassChallenge. In his spare time, Vadim writes and gives talks about sales strategy and effective ways in which engineers and business people can work together. He’s also a mentor to entrepreneurs at the Starta Capital Accelerator, and aspiring product managers at the Product School in NYC.

Sergei Revzin

Founder, Lead Instructor

Sergei is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Venture for America, where he runs the organization’s summer accelerator program for its young Fellow founders.

His own entrepreneurship education started at 12 years old while working at his dad’s shopping mall kiosks as the de facto chief English/Russian translator.

While getting his formal business education studying Economics and Finance at Bentley University, Sergei worked on a few side projects, including a peer to peer ad network (which he financed by selling his beloved 1999 Toyota Solara) and a website for cat memes and flash games (which, surprisingly, made more money with less investment!). After a year and a half working in finance, and about 300 hours of studying to pass level I of the CFA, he joined his first startup, Edhance, to help run sales and marketing at the 10-person company. Soon after Edhance was acquired, Sergei moved to NYC to do enterprise sales at AppFirst while plotting his next venture! Within a year was born, which he bootstrapped with his two co-founders for the next 1.5 years as they built and sold B2B software for sales teams.